© Rainer Prohaska

© Carola Schmidt
Initiated by Rainer Prohaska
Happening during the opening of the 59th Biennale Arte
19. - 26. April 2022 • Venice • Italy
Carola Schmidt
Benjamin Klug
Stefan Schmitzer
Florian Sorgo

© Carola Schmidt
During the opening of the 59th Biennale Arte the FUTURAMA LAB will construct and operate a hydrodynamic object on the initiative of the Austrian artist Rainer Prohaska.
The resulting SOTTOMARINO FEDERICA FELLINI will function as a conventional vessel, as a platform for the works by featured artists and as an impulse for communication with passers-by.
SOTTOMARINO FEDERICA FELLINI is a commentary on the boring gondolas and boats of the lagoon that drift silently, colourlessly and depressively through the canals. The initi- ative and the clumsy actions in the canals of the Venetian lagoon are supported by the Gibberish Dialogues 2022 to evoke a metaphorical strategy to save humanity. SOTTOMARINO FEDERICA FELLINI is a watercraft penned by Rainer Prohaska, an object-sample produced by means of ENDLESS TOYKIT COLLECTION - Vienna.

Detailed information about our ongoing activities

An endless chain of recycling & rearrangement processes that neither produces waste nor promotes the consumption of products.


Ecological reconfiguration of formats for showcases and art productions.


Based on the global lockdown in spring 2020 we search for artistic instructions
concerning basic human behaviors to balance our global ecological situation.


An abstract car company as an artistic comment to the future of mobility
inside city boundaries.


Interventions in public space enchants the city with performative essays
about the future of Graz.



Sustainable, social and ecological behavior in connection with an active or participative development to "human life and survival-conditions" in our society are established as global topics. Within a confusing variety of these strategies, countless numbers of these “solutions” are not leading to the promised goals.
The FUTURAMA LAB, a pool in which science, art and education mutually enrich themselves, examines this problems and seeks for solutions. These solutions, often a reduced approach to the environmental circumastances, are presented to the public as "artistic works" and "behavior instructions".

Artist Rainer Prohaska has been experimenting with such approaches for 20 years. In this context, he creates sculptures, builds installations and stages performances. In 2016, a concept for "FRONT International", the Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art was developed. "The Green Crocodile Academy" dealt with the artistic positions for a sustainable society and can be seen as the first version of the FUTURAMA LAB.
• Research and development of social and ecological strategies
• Transformation of the results into "easy to implement" art-concepts with a clear statement
• Publication of these concepts by presenting the artistic work using different formats
The target is the realization of artistic works, that are initiated and inspired by scientific studies as well as by research results. Subsequently, these works will be publicly staged by artists with the appropriate competence. For all realized positions, a high educational component and a clear informative value are important.
Sustainable Development Goals
The selected topics, formats and the direction of the artistic works of the FUTURAMA LAB activities are influenced by the "Sustainable Development Goals", which are defined by the United Nations.
In order to narrow down the fields of activities, the 17 "SDG’s" were reduced to 7 and the flat hierarchy was converted into a logical priority structure.
"SDG" No. 18 is the result of an analysis by the FUTURAMA LAB team and has been implemented in the newly configured structure of the SDG’s.
This additional point, which deals with the question of quality, effectivity and strategies of how changes can be implemented into our society effects all the other goals.

Scientist & Artist In A Productive Exchange
The aim of the FUTURAMA LAB is to offer experts from art and science a synergetic atmosphere in order to initiate a dialogue for the production of artistic positions. Beside a group of permanent protagonists, guest-artists and -scientists are regularly invited to provide their knowledge and concepts to the FUTURAMA LAB. As the topics of meta production change, depending on the specific situations in which the LAB operates, specialists are invited to bring different perspectives on these current research topics and to reflect on them.
In addition to the people responsible for the management of the LAB, the departments of the FUTURAMA LAB consist of an administrative and an executive team. While the administrative team is responsible for the functioning of the department, the executive team works on sustainable, social and ecological strategies and is responsible for the realization of the artistic work.
The FUTURAMA LAB uses a space concept, which allows the team to move the LAB from one place to another with little effort. This mobility is guaranteed by a flexible structure, that nests in already existing spaces. Variants such as a tent city, a container complex or a room system, especially developed for the LAB, are also possible.
Production Process / Departments
I] KNOWLEDGE- Science & Research
• Findings through research on future issues with an orientation to the SDGs.
• Measures & approaches based on these findings.
• Production of studies on sustainable, social & ecological behaviors.
II] TRANSFORMATION - A Bridge Between Science And Art
• Scientific studies as a source of inspiration for artistic work.
• Connection, filter & interface between research results & artworks.
• Content preparation and processing of the results for artistic exploitation.
• Checking the feasibility from a content, technical & financial perspective.
III] REALIZATION - Art Production
• Technical implementation of the artworks by artists & producers.
• Monitoring the production processes & the manufacturing quality of the works of art.
• Presentation of the works of art in the context of exhibitions or other suitable formats.
• Organization of public relation aktivities for these events & actions.
The Final Results
The final results, which the FUTURAMA LAB presents to the public, are exclusively works of art and instructions for the public, based on the results of artistic research in dialogue with science. The FUTURAMA LAB does not publish theoretical papers or scientific studies.
Pictures Of Practical Examples


Here you will soon be informed, how you can join the FUTURAM-LAB society as an artist, a scientist or as a production member of our team.
We are working together with permanent members of the LAB, but we are constantly seeking for people as guests for temporary activities.

Our team of the LAB is constantly looking for people and institutions, who support our NPO in many different ways.
We rely on financial & material supporters, beside this we are working within our productions with interns and voluntiers.

Information about our artists, scientist, and the production team will be online soon!

Science . Arts . Education

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